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Spread the word about the living legends who brighten the society. Go ahead, write about your Unsung hero

Story 1

The Government lays beautiful roads and builds exquisite parks. There are some ruthless crooks who throw rubbish waste on the roads and spit on the walls and corners of the parks.

But there are some rare human jewels who really bring about change in the society by caring for the helpless children. They brighten the lives of poor children by teaching them during their spare time.

They spend their spare time in orphanages and help the needy. They bring about revolution in society by changing the way of thinking of the thousands.

Do you wish to salute those heroes?

Story 2

Today we have Two wheelers to commute, Cable tv to spend time, Basmati rice pulav to eat. Yet we complain for car to race, Pocket money to rock the ciniplexes, and hit the fast food malls.

Think about the Unsung heroes who have had hardly a rupee in their pocket, torn clothes, and uneducated parents. Yet have raised their way through these hardships and cleared IAS and IPS and are ready to serve the nation but yet waiting for the right opportunity.

You wish to spread a word about them?

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